Whether wondered or thought about the numeric codes on variety of products you buy from the local super markets and other stores? These standard codes published by International Standards Organization (ISO) represent the countries or geographies from where the product has originated and the type of product. The products with numeric codes pass through rigorous quality testing and are 100% genuine and worthy. Unlike the traditional coding systems which use different languages numeric codes by ISO can be easily read by people and system. The numeric codes are printed on a sticker which is called Price Look Up Code or PLU which when encoded gives brief description about the products. The information includes place of origin, type of material or content used etc.

Numeric codes ensure that the products are of best quality and give the customer the freedom of choice. With more information available to the customer, it ensures that the suppliers and manufacturers follow standard operating procedures to deliver only quality products. With international trade at its peak products are sold across borders and these numeric codes help in knowing the product details easily. Few governments have already made it mandatory for the manufacturers to display numeric codes on the products. Numeric codes are not just for customers. They are also for sellers which makes their work much easier by tracking the stock and other things.

Numeric codes are for you, the customer and the consumer. Numeric codes empower you to buy the right product keeping the product information in mind. This international standard is to benefit one and all.


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